How to use Quickon

to stream live videos you would need to download obs or any streaming app to be able to send your live video to our servers
for example you downloaded and installed obs
open obs go to menue bar
click file
choose settings
click stream
click service
choose custom
now copy streaming details from quickon to
server: copy what is here
stream key : copy what is here
click ok
then click start streaming
then go to quickon click go live button
congratulations you are live now
after you end stream from your obs studio or any streaming app you use
go to quickon and click End live stream button
this last step is very important to save the video on your profile

video shows how to make quick live without signing up on

video shows how to register and stream and update your profile (journey in the site) on

video shows how to deposit and record stream and update your plan on

video shows how obs studio works

short youtube video explains in arabic